Free trees for east Oxford residents

To celebrate Tree Week 2020 (28th November to 6th December) we gave offering free native saplings to east Oxford residents to plant in their gardens.

All of the saplings were either grown locally or been given to us by the Woodland Trust charity. And all were native trees, including:
  • Blackthorn (sloe) - grows up to 7m
  • Crab apple - grows up to 9m
  • Elder - grows up to 10m
  • Hazel - grows up to 10m
  • Juniper - grows up to 10m
  • Hawthorn - grows up to 15m 
  • Rowan - grows up to 15m
  • Holly - grows up to 15m

Need advice on keeping your tree happy?

Here are some resources we recommend from the Woodland Trust:
How to choose which species to plant
How to plant your tree
How to care for your tree

Why plant trees?

Trees are amazing things. They give us the oxygen that we need to live, they help limit global heating by dragging carbon out of the air and locking it away, they give shade in the summer, they help fight flooding, they provide homes and food for wildlife, they improve our mental health, and they’re beautiful. It's simple - we need as many of them as we can get!

Low Carbon East Oxford is joining international efforts to increase the number of trees on our planet, and, more locally, doing our bit to help 
double tree cover in Oxfordshire

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