In the face of the climate emergency it is easy to feel that we can’t possibly make a difference. But when many individuals take action - no matter how small - it can make a big difference. Low Carbon East Oxford is a small, friendly bunch of people living in east Oxford who are doing just that: coming together to take small climate positive actions, and trying to help others do the same. 

We are a CIC Community Member of the Low Carbon Hub, as well as part of Community Action Groups (CAG) Oxfordshire.

Our projects

Since we were set up, we've worked on several campaigns to reduce the carbon emissions of east Oxford, including: thermal imaging to reduce home energy usage, promoting safe cycling for all, reducing air pollution, encouraging local and seasonal food, and more.

We're currently focusing on increasing tree cover in east Oxford, as well as continuing to work on improving awareness about the issues with energy efficiency in our local housing stock and what can be done to improve this.

Take a look at the bite-sized films, to see money-saving ideas in action in our local community and check out the house-warming guides.

Find out more about our current and past projects

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