Current projects

Tree planting

We have an active trees group of LCEO members working to increase tree coverage in east Oxford, led by Ruthi Brandt. More trees means reduced carbon emissions through absorption - plus a nicer residential environment, more shade on the hot days, and habitats for local wildlife.

The group have recently organised a free sapling giveaway for local residents to celebrate Tree Week in November 2020!

Want to get involved? Email Ruthi on to find out more and join their next meeting.
Repair cafe

We're keen to start running a repair cafe in east Oxford! Our friends at Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon have been running repair cafes for a while, and they've kindly offered to support us as we set up in east Oxford. 

To do this, though, we need a local volunteer who has brilliant organisation skills and who would be keen to lead on organising the repair cafe events. Of course, you'd have lots of help and support from other members in the group.

Does that sound like you? Get in touch.


Past projects

Thermal imaging local housing

We have run a succession of thermal imaging campaigns, to help people understand better where heat is leaking from their homes. As well as offering thermal imaging to local homeowners, we also gave out free radiator reflector panels, connected people with neighbours, shared draught-proofing techniques and introduced grants and professional support where appropriate. We are also community advocates for Cosy Homes Oxfordshire - a one stop home retrofit service supported by the Low Carbon Hub.

Below you'll see a sample of images from the thermal imaging we did - red areas show heat leaking through the walls and the white areas show heat escaping though a single-glazed window. You'll also find a video produced with support from Zoe Broughton and students at Film Oxford, giving an Introduction to Thermal Imaging.
Climate walks

LCEO member Liz Hodgson has led several 'climate walks' with our members - a chance to meet up and chat about climate change and our feelings towards it outside of a meeting room.

The walks have taken place in local nature spots such as Warneford Meadow.

Promoting safe cycling for all

Information on this project is coming soon.

Mapping fuel poverty across east Oxford

Information on this project is coming soon.

Tackling air pollution and promoting active travel

Information on this project is coming soon.


Have a project idea?

If you're local to east Oxford and you have a climate change related project
that you'd love to get off the ground, we may be able to help you work on it.

Get in touch on